Terms of Service

Terms of Service

  • A free assessment and quote will be given, based on information provided by the client at the outset.

Payment Terms

  • Research will begin once the signed terms of service (and agreed initial deposit, if applicable) have been received.
  • For larger research projects, payments may be made in instalments, depending on the scope and duration of the research.
  • The current rate for genealogical and genetic research is £25 per hour, excluding additional billable costs (see below). Returning customers, plus all commissions of 10+ hours will receive a 10% discount.
  • Standard archival research will be billed in half hour increments of £12.50 after a minimum of one hour.
  • For all bespoke work and research projects, a general budget will be agreed at the outset. However, as is the nature of this research, it may come to light that further work or expenses will be necessary to proceed in a certain direction. Green Dragon Genealogy will not exceed the original budget unless this has been discussed and a new budget agreed. Otherwise, findings will be presented up to this point, and suggestions made for further research areas that the client may wish to undertake at a later date.
  • Balance of payment must be made within 14 days of receipt of the final invoice.
  • Completed research reports will be sent out once the funds have been received and cleared.
  • Payment can be made by BACS (preferred) or cheque. Paypal may be used for international payments.

What is included?

  • Research projects and bespoke work costs include: all research time, analysis and report writing, printing and postage of research reports, mileage within a 15 radius of Lincoln.
  • General Register Office certificates or wills ordered will be additionally charged at cost price.
  • If research requires the use of websites using pay-per-view credits (such as ScotlandsPeople and Deceased Online), credits will be charged at cost price.
  • Other costs outside of research time may include: copying and archive fees, archive camera passes, parking charges, travel expenses (at cost price for trains at second class rates, 45p per mile for car mileage for journeys outside of  a 15 mile radius of Lincoln)
  • Green Dragon Genealogy will strive to keep additional costs to a minimum.

Expectations and likelihood of success

  • Family history research is like sailing into a great unknown! It is not always possible to find a record (some do not survive, ancestors may have told fibs or an event may not have even been recorded in the first place!) and therefore it may be difficult trace a family as far back on a certain line as one would hope to. An analysis of all findings (both positive and negative) will be included in the written report. If an impasse is reached during research, this will be discussed and an alternative line may be offered. All research work includes a reasonably exhaustive search time and Green Dragon Genealogy will endeavour to ‘leave no stone unturned’ in pursuit of answers!

How long does it take?

  • Short bespoke queries usually take 2-4 weeks on average, depending on the waiting list.
  • Larger research projects and narrative reports may take longer, especially if ancestors prove to be elusive! Standard narrative reports may take from 4 – 12 weeks on average, though some may be substantially longer if multiple visits to archives is required or if wills / military records need to be ordered.
  • Clients will be given progress reports at agreed intervals.
  • Clients should let Green Dragon Genealogy know if there is a deadline (eg for a wedding, birthday or anniversary present) and allow up to 8 weeks for completion of a gift package.


  • The client may cancel at any time. Any deposit paid is non-refundable. Research work already completed (and certificates ordered), amounting to a cost exceeding the deposit amount will be charged at the hourly rate and be payable by the client. No report will be supplied.
  • Green Dragon Genealogy reserves the right to cancel commissioned research at any time and refund any monies paid, minus research or document charges already accrued. In the unlikely event of this occurring, Green Dragon Genealogy may suggest alternative practitioners.

Copyright (see Privacy Policy for Data Protection information)

  • Copyright of final reports and charts is retained by their author, Michelle Hunter (Green Dragon Genealogy). Their content may be used for client’s personal research, but they cannot be republished, digitally or in print, in whole or in part, without express permission.
  • Clients should ensure they own the copyright or have the copyright holder’s permission for any photographs they wish included in the reports.
  • Certificates purchased through the General Register Office will be supplied to the client. Certificates are protected by Crown Copyright so if further reproduced in a published work, Crown Copyright should be acknowledged.
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