How Does It Work?

Whether you are interested in a one ancestor/surname study or full tree research of one or more generations (back to early-mid 1800s, where possible), I can start work with as little information as your name and place/date of birth. The more information you can provide on top of that, the better! Parents’ and grandparents’ names, places they lived, any dates (even approximate ones) occupations, military service, family stories and skeletons in cupboards – all of this is relevant!

For specific questions, brick walls or pre-Victorian research, again as much information as you can provide, however tenuous it may be, will be useful. Please do not send original documents – photocopies or scans are fine. All research projects will be charged at an hourly rate, plus expenses at cost price.

We can meet in person and/or correspond by phone, video conferencing, post or email.

No request is too small – do get in contact for a free, no-obligation quote.

Please click the Terms of Service link at the bottom of the page for further terms and conditions.

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