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Would you like to have your family tree researched, perhaps as a unique gift for a loved one? Have you got an elusive ancestor that you would love to pin down? Have you taken an Ancestry DNA test and want some help interpreting the results? Are you struggling to read that family will or decipher a Victorian doctor’s handwriting?

Welcome to the Green Dragon! You have come to the right place!

Michelle Hunter, owner of of Green Dragon Genealogy is a professional genealogist, family historian and AGRA Associate, who can help you learn about your ancestry, unpick your family mysteries, unravel the secrets of your DNA and transcribe those difficult documents.

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Click above to read genealogy tips and advice, short stories, interesting historical snippets and anecdotes from my own family history journey. Come and meet some colourful characters and hopefully learn a little something along the way.

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Green Dragon Genealogy offers a range of family history research services. Click above to discover how you can learn more about your ancestry, solve family mysteries, find people or create a family gift for a special occasion.

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About Me

Find out more about Green Dragon Genealogy – how it came to be named after one of Lincoln’s oldest pubs and a little more about me, Green Dragon Genealogy’s resident genealogist! Just click in the circle above.


"I would thoroughly recommend Green Dragon Genealogy to anyone needing either a transcription or any of the other services offered by Michelle."

David W

"First time user of Green Dragon Genealogy and very impressed with the level of report produced and customer service. Will use again & happy to recommend to others."

Mark F

"Exceptionally helpful and excellent research into a particular aspect of my family tree, all put into a thorough report. Very friendly and great at keeping in touch throughout the process."

Molly S

"Michelle is exemplary. Adds that extra detail and assistance to the requested research. Has been a great help to me, a seasoned family history addict."

John W

If you’d like me to build your family tree or just some help with your family history mysteries, please send me a message!